The Injustices Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Injustices of Challenges The most frequently banned book in public schools is that of the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Banned). This book has been a staple in high school classrooms due to its ties to American history; however not everyone believes that this book is appropriate, and therefore, educational. Since library associations agree that books should not be banned in public schools, any challenges made in reference to books should have to go through a national board instead of a local school board. The process of challenging a book is a complicated procedure in which complaints must be filed appropriately, reviewed, and then a trial will be held in order to discuss the evidence and thoughts behind the matter. Books are banned for numerous reasons with new complaints arriving each and every day; moreover, books are banned for trivial reasons such as sexual references, blasphemous dialogue, political bias, and violence amongst other such claims (Banned). More often than not these reasons are brought forth by concerned parents who believe that their children should not be experienced to such things at such a young and tender age; therefore parents bring their ideas to the local school board where the board can decide whether or not to eliminate the selection for the entire school body. Parents who venture to local school boards in order to have certain texts banned often have legitimate reasons. They are often concerned about the age content or one of…

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