The Injustices Of Challenges In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Injustices of Challenges The most frequently banned book in public schools is that of the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Banned). This book has been a staple in high school classrooms due to its ties to American history; however not everyone believes that this book is appropriate, and therefore, educational. Since library associations agree that books should not be banned in public schools, any challenges made in reference to books should have to go through a national board instead of a local school board. The process of challenging a book is a complicated procedure in which complaints must be filed appropriately, reviewed, and then a trial will be held in order to discuss the evidence and thoughts behind the matter. Books are …show more content…
They are often concerned about the age content or one of the various reasons aforementioned which is a very wise thing. Parents should be looking out for their children and allowing them to be nurtured in all of the appropriate fields. Bearing this in mind, parents often think it is the right decision to take this matter to the local school board where they often have friends and family who sit and judge the matter. While this might lean in the favor of the parents who raise the challenge it often hurts other families and reduces their chances to be properly educated in a safe …show more content…
These are often the two most challenged categories as they apply to the broadest range of peoples; therefore, these books often appear on and off of the numerous banned book lists circulating around the country in local public schools. For example, a school in Brainerd Minnesota challenged and then banned the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck for the use of the words “Japs” and “nigger” as it went against everything the parents were trying to teach their children (Doyle). However, what these parents did not understand was that the books were not being taught with the intent to show the children this language was acceptable. Instead this story is taught in order to show children what the norm would be considered in this destined time. Religious intolerance is one of the greatest qualms most people have about the selected literature in public schools. Many find that books go against some facet of their religion and attempt to have the books banned simply for that matter; in the process forgetting that church and state must be separated unless it is at some form of private school that is not funded by the

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