The Information Systems Technician ( It ) Rating Review Essay

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Since the mid 1990s, the reliance on computers and networked systems within the Coast Guard to perform our everyday duties has risen drastically. Along with this rise, the increased demand for trained personnel to maintain these computers and systems became necessary. To address this, on July 1, 2003 the Information Systems Technician (IT) rating was established based on the recommendation of the 1998 Joint Rating Review. The rating was initially comprised primarily of members from the Telephone Technician rating with the addition of select members of the Telecommunications Technician and other ratings which possessed system manager skills. This newly created IT workforce is responsible for establishing and maintaining Coast Guard computer systems, analog and digital voice systems (telephones and voicemail), and installing and maintaining the physical network infrastructure that ties the systems together. Unfortunately, the rapid growth of computer applications to support our missions has drastically outpaced our growth in support technicians. Technology will continue to be utilized at increasing levels within our service and to make sure information technology support doesn’t lag the Coast Guard needs to employ more Information System Technicians.
Determining the correct amount of technicians to support a network can be a difficult task for any organization to accomplish. One measure private industry uses to size their staff is the technician to computer ratio.…

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