The Influence Of Personality

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Individual personalities contribute to the overall feel of an organization. Each person offers a unique talent, skill, outlook and perspective to a situation. To know your personal contribution, it is important to identify your personality type. To do so, I completed the Jung Typology Test online. I received an assessment of ENFJ. I have a small preference of extraversion over introversion; I have a strong preference of intuition over sensing; I am said to have a slight preference of feeling over thinking, and a distinct preference of judging over perceiving (Humanmetrics Inc, 2016).
The initial portion of this project was to obtain a personality type and evaluate it. The second portion was to relate it to the text, Type Talk at Work: How
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Thinking individuals consider facts more heavily before making decisions, whereas feeling individuals have a sense of emotions, the ability to compromise and make changes (Healy & Woodward, 2008). ENFJ is described to be a giver in relationships (BSM Consulting, 2015). Connectivity is a priority in romantic relationships, though I can be seen as overbearing and conflict avoidant. I am committed to relationships for life; I treasure my friendships and view them as family members. I am grossly loyal and devoted, I enjoy challenges and embrace tasks with a sense on innovation and creativity- all traits defined as ENFJ (BSM Consulting, 2015). One career identified as one that fits my personality type is a sales person, which is a field I had been in for years prior (Kroger et al, 2002). "Good use of reference, supports the discussion
J: Judging
Judging makes up 59% of my assessment (Humanmetrics Inc, 2016). Being considered judging, I am said to be goal oriented and able to make thorough decisions (Healy & Woodward, 2008). Both qualities I am able to personally identify with. Parenting is a major responsibility and God has entrusted the life of another person with me. I take my role very seriously. As a mother, I strive to foster law abiding, contributing citizens that are aware of others and walk in the likeness of Christ. I can be seen as rather strict, while establishing a loving, affirming, exciting environment for my children.

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