The Importance Of Personality In Personal Life

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Our personality types are an integral aspect of our lives. Being able to understand your personality and work with others is very important, not only in your relationships at home, but also in your relationships with peers at work. One way we can have a greater understanding on how our personality type affects others is assess your personality using a personality test. Understanding what we do and why we do it is enlightening, and helps us assess our behavior. When we understand our personality in light of others, it opens up a new realm of possibility in relating to others, at home and in the workplace. Let us take a journey into the world of emotions, character traits, and preferences. Many of us are predisposed to act in a certain way, …show more content…
One aspect of the personality of an INFJ is how they like to have their external world orderly and systematic. Personally, I find this to be true, from how I like to have order to my room and apartment, having a specific place for everything. Internally though INFJ’s tend to spontaneous regarding how they live life because they discern things intuitively. I find this to be very true in my personal life. As it turns out, I am the team leader over small groups at my church, and my small groups have many times been characterized by giving people counsel and encouragement about things most other people would probably not know. This also corresponds with how those with this personality type are considered very caring, which may be a reason I was drawn to do small groups, a setting in which the small group facilitator needs to be a person who truly cares for the individuals in the group. This personality type does come with its set of disadvantages as well. An INJF usually will put much of their faith in their intuition or instincts above others. Basically, they believe they can never be wrong about a situation. Obviously, this could lead to very stubborn behavior, and a belief that their opinion is the preeminent one. With that being said I will discuss each letter of the INJF type in more …show more content…
These people are very in touch with the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others. I can see strands of this in my own personality. Often before I make a decision, am very in-tune with how what I do will affect others emotionally. Personally when upset I’m very aware of the words that I speak, or even the tone of what I say and I take note of others reactions and adjust accordingly.
J: Judgers As a judger, there is always a right way to do something and a wrong way to do something. Their external environment is very orderly. Also judgers like to plan what they are going to do and then follow their plan. For me personally I find that aspect of my personality manifest in how I perceive actions. For me I am very sensitive to how other people act, and I often judge whether or not someone’s action was the right or wrong action.
Step 2 Overall I have learned a lot about my personality and how it could help in my life. More specifically as one of the leader of connect groups at my church, I find the information on my personality type very helpful. As my personality type being more inward, I know understand why I am more prone to take the background in meetings, choosing rather to listen to others speak before adding my input. Sometimes, though, this could cause the meeting to be prolonged, but understanding my personality, will help me lead during meetings and express that I am thinking more

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