Napoleon Bonaparte's Role In The French Revolution

Considered to be among the greatest military commanders in history, Napoleon Bonaparte played a key role in the French Revolution of 1788. The purpose of this paper is to find out how Napoleon Bonaparte came to control much of Europe during his reign as Emperor. Following years of social and political turbulence the French Monarchy was abolished and overthrown. Much of Europe at this time was leaded by Czars and kings who were absolute monarchs and had full control of their administrations. The French revolution dealt a major blow to these leaders and thus begun the French revolutionary wars in which enemies of France such as Prussia, Austria, Holland, and Great Britain regularly formed coalitions and declared war on France. Napoleon …show more content…
Under the revolution priests were exiled out of the country, one of Napoleons reforms allowed them to return and continue with their work. Shortly after rising to first consul in the National Convention, he changed the seat of government back to the Palace of Tuleries from Luxembourg. It was also around this time when political liberty had fallen and given rise to civil liberty. While under Napoleons leadership France was beginning to gather internal tranquility, and on the other hand Russia under Emperor Paul had broken its alliance with Austria effectively ending the second phase of the coalition war. According to Lockhart (2008) after some short time Napoleon wrote a letter the King of Britain asking to the end war and stating, "Must the war, which for eight years has ravaged the four quarters of the world be eternal?" (p. 283). Both sides through negotiations signed a treaty shortly after when Napoleon forces successfully defeated the German emperor and invaded Portugal alongside Spain. Treaties with the countries of Turkey, Spain, and Portugal were also created and Napoleon was solely responsible, and in doing so secured several provinces for French dominion. The world was effectively feeling the powers of Napoleon. Similarly, Switzerland was divided in civil war, between sides who wished for an older

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