The Influence of Movies and Tv Series on Cultural Stereotypes

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题 目: 影视作品对文化定型的影响

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The influence of movies and TV series on cultural stereotypes
中文摘要 III
Abstract IV
Chapter I. Introduction 1
Chapter II. An Overview of Cultural Stereotype 1 2.1 Definitions of Cultural Stereotype 1 2.2Classification of Cultural Stereotype 2 2.3Characteristics of Cultural Stereotype 2 2.3.1 inevitability and University of Cultural Stereotype 2 2.3.2 Stability of Cultural Stereotype 3 2.3.3 Changeability of Cultural stereotype 4
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Scholars pointed out that the success of intercultural communication is closely related with three factors, namely, affective factors, cognitive factors and strategic factors. Cultural stereotype, as an important cognitive factor, is an acquired behavior. Once formed, it is inclined to be ingrained. Cultural stereotypes are interlinking factors in influencing people’s value judgments, interfering with communication and understanding and deciding communicational strategies and ways. As a result, they directly affect communicational results and quality. Consequently, the dialectical understanding and crossing over of Cultural stereotypes appear to be of great importance for the study and activities of intercultural communication. However, few researchers have put their effort on the relationship between stereotype and mass media, original movies and TV series in particular. Movies and TV series as cultural carriers have been becoming significant exporting products. Acting as windows, they set video, audio, speaking in a body and show vividly to people cultures of all kinds of nationalities. Accordingly, people tend to form cultural stereotypes after seeing those movies and TV series. In this thesis, by analyzing cultural stereotypes in reprehensive movies and TV series, I discuss their important roles in molding, breaking and rebuilding cultural stereotypes. Especially with the rapid rise of China in international community, there exist

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