Essay about The Influence Of Greek Culture

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As people began to advanced in modern ideologies, they also look into their past as they live in a world where they are generally influence from our ancestor’s society. One of these influences is Greek culture that have been affecting our natural way of life. Greeks have create ideal concept that could not been imagine with the technology they had in their time. An example would be that they helped create the foundation of democracy, which the United States uses today. This political system started out in Athens, where government was ruled under a monarchy, then grew into an oligarchy, which is run by a small group of people such as politicians, until this group grew in vast numbers to form the political system similar to ours. These two were similar as they consisted of having six thousand members, who would assemble to discuss and vote on issues brought up in Athens, even though their government was not polished or fair at the time. These influences were created that “nearly always, there is the implication of the ‘best’, a standard of excellence worthy of emulation,” as to be worthy must deem to hold influential power that cast a shadow to all things after it and to create footprints to all things before (Cuddon 139). So why are we subconsciously knowing more about Greek mythology than we could assume. The reason for Greek myths and ideas being influential is that the old saying,”the old instinct brings back the old name.”
In order to understand the influence of Greek…

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