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America is one of the most developed nations of the world. This aspect includes technology and how advanced it has become over the past few decades. One of the main uses technology is best and known for is advertising and marketing. Advertisement is very useful to large cooperation’s, it gets their products acknowledged by the public. When they release products like candy, chips, fast foods, and other snacks one if the first places you will see them at is on your television screen. However, America has faced crippling adversaries regarding the general overall health of its public. Easily managing to secure its spot as toting one of the highest obesity rates, even amongst other competitively striving large nations. Through the close examination …show more content…
Society moves at a fast pace and it is visible in: technology, infrastructure, and security. Due to its fast pace, “fast food” alternatives were introduced to accommodate those whom don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal. These companies have grown, franchised and spread worldwide and it affects the world as a whole. Stressing to the point that it’s abundance is seen in everyday shuffling’s event. These franchises located within the same proximity, literally of each other; they lay on every corner where a sufficient amount of people resides, preying on the inept people. So not only can customers help themselves to a delicious meal full of grease and extra carbs in the day, but to their own discretion, eat it whenever desired. Fast food provides the convenience people need, ironically sticking to its name as being “fast”. It’s much more convenient to order takeout, opposed to actually prepare and cook a well-balanced nutritious meal. Fast food chains are just a minor accomplice to the much larger foe, obesity. The blame isn’t just about fast food and the obscurity it brings, but our society has come accustomed to celebrations and basking in the moment. Functions that involve people coming together and enjoy the moment together, including: festivities, foods, drinks, candy, etc. With all of the holidays and fortified events, people celebrate, it’s inevitable not to purchase the common foods. When hosting, one must feed the guest accordingly and to alleviate any discrepancies, it’s always best to buy what appeals to everyone’s liking. From social events and holidays, such as: baseball games, football games Amusements parks, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, Fourth of July, etc. When participating in any of these events one could see all of the most iconic snacks and foods being distributed. Things to

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