The Influence Of Conformity In Society

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In today’s society it almost seems impossible to not be affiliated with a group one way or another. Groups can be formed because of many reasons such as: religion, culture, music taste, sexual preferences and many other reasons. Even though America is known to be a country where many are against conformity, it seems to be an inevitable occurrence when being part of a group. When group are analyzed conformity is a major occurrence that always seems to be at play. Conformity is a change in one’s behavior due to the real or imagined influence of other people. This occurs because of the social pressures that can exist, especially if one is fond of a group and wants to stay in their good graces. An example that shows just how powerful conformity can be are the events that occurred in the Abu-Ghraib prison. In this prison, which was located in Iraq, many decent individuals committed heinous and indecent acts. These acts were promoted through the process of conformity. This process can …show more content…
I initially, although I am usually more introverted with people I do not know well, began stating my opinions because I realized that no one else would. The awkward beginning was what pushed Bethly and I to initiate and lead the discussion. During the exercise it also became obvious that some of our group members did not want to be taking part of the exercise at all. I think that might have affected their behavior, because the group was not chosen by them nor the activity, their behavior was mostly silent. I believe that a different situation would have resulted if either of these scenarios occurred: the group was filled with extroverts who have no problem stating what is on their mind (which it was not), or it was a group of friends. From my perspective I would have felt much more comfortable and would have expressed myself even more freely if the group members were all people I

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