The Influence Of Avant Guard Music On People Who Have Those Particular Skills

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I would say that this question has two arguments, as there are no rules to say that avant-guard music has to be confined to people who have those particular skills. Isn’t half the point of being a musician being able to learn new techniques and expand your musical vocabulary? When you start playing an instrument, you do not have any skills and it is your teacher that shows you how play and instructs you on the best ways to do this. Depending on what type of performance they are interested in changes the skills you develop therefore if you are allowed to gain these specialized skills then, why are you not allowed to progress and expand now. As you play the contemporary music, you will pick up the skills and who is to say you will not choose to specialize, however you will not know unless you try to perform in this style.

However, people do choose to specialize, and through that comes wisdom and knowledge you will not have if you just play the one off piece. People take cast amounts of enjoyment out of homing the skills of their particular style and genre of music. If you go and see a performance, you will not want to watch someone that has barely had any experience in this field, as it will not be satisfying or very impressive. You want to see someone that has complete control and understand of his instrument and the music they are playing. If you as a musical theatre singer, to go and join an opera for a night, they would not be able to perform to as high standard as the…

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