The Epic Of Dante's Inferno By Dante Alighieri

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Life 's Journey Everyone knows that life is hard, and sometimes people make mistakes. To move past what they have done and better themselves one must look at the mistakes in their past and see fault in oneself . Dante Alighieri wrote the epic Dante 's Inferno when he was 35 years old and going through a midlife crisis He was going through a rough time, as he had just been tricked into being exiled from Florence Italy, his home he loved. He wanted to move on with his life and grow as a person, so he wrote this epic which shows him going on this journey through hell. On this journey, the reader sees him encounter many souls, who sinned in their life, and for each individual sin they have a unique punishment. The readers can use this epic …show more content…
Dante 's Inferno can not only be used to depict the evils of hell, but it also helps the readers go on this self help journey.
Dante 's epic is known as The Divine Comedy and most people refer to it as one of the best literary works, for others it has been more than just a good read. Dante himself saw this epic as a way to help those in need, he wrote “if from the moral sense, it means to us the conversion of the soul from the struggle and misery of sin to the status of grace” (Dante to Cangrande) in his letter to cangrande explaining his work. Dante talked about how one can use the epic to better recognize the faults within them and ultimately gain the grace of God. In the Middle Ages that was the ultimate goal of almost any human being. The church was an enormous influence on morals at the time, people were actually scared to sin or
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Dante travels through the many layers of hell Leaning of the sins that has trapped these souls, to suffer both physical and mental pain. The deeper Dante goes the worse the sins are, in a sense he starts off analyzing his little flaws, then he really digs into his inner beasts. Dante and virgil, his guide, are traveling through the first circle of Hell, and they come upon one of the seven capital sins, lust. Dante sees these two lovers swirling around on the edge of an orgasim for ever, this is the first actual sin dantes encounters. The two lovers Dante meets are Francesca and Paolo, Francesca explains to Dante 's they once were reading a book that made them kiss and her husband the brother of Palo walked in on them. He then killed the two for lusting over each other, she makes it seem like it was innocent love. He feels bad for the two lovers, “ ‘Francesca, the tournament that you suffer/brings painful tears of pity to my eyes’”(Dante 5.116-117) this shows that in the beginning of self finding one takes pity on themselves. They can not see that what they have done is wrong and the reason they are suffering. This is the first step in moving past and helping one 's self. Recognizing what the problem is first, and that it is their fault. For the many souls suffering in the Inferno, even after

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