The Inequality Of Possessions, Competition, Borrowing And Lending

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Inequality of possessions, competition, borrowing and lending are found in the next three chapters. The key topic is that each can bring glory to God. Per the Bible, Grudem (2003) states, “that there are varying degrees of reward in Heaven and various kinds of stewardship that God entrusts to different people” (p. 51). God rewards people with different amounts of possessions based on the task that God has set before them. With inequality of possession, people become competitive. Some may do a better job than others, so they get paid at a better rate, which is a type of competition. Others might make a better product, so their sales increase, which is another type of competition. Competition makes us want to excel and prosper, which can create an inequality of possessions. In a competitive world with inequality of possessions, borrowing and lending of possessions go hand in hand. The Bible discusses how we need to pay our debts; in turn it demonstrates Gods’ attributes. Romans 13:8 The Living Bible (TLB) states, “Pay all your debts except the debt of love for others—never finish paying that! For if you love them, you will be obeying all of God’s laws, fulfilling all his requirements.” Nevertheless, inequality of possessions, competition, borrowing and lending can bring opportunity to the temptation of sin. People can become selfish, jealous, and harm others just to get ahead. These things can shame God instead of bring him glory.
Chapter ten and eleven sum up the…

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