The Industrial Revolution During The Nineteenth Century Essay

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England in the eighteenth century, went through a period of time, where people who were once self-sufficient migrated toward cities, where they began manufacturing machine made goods. This was known as the Industrial Revolution. England had been building up its empire since 1607. When the Industrial Revolution began in 1760, England had the cash, and therefore the means to production.That was a good amount of time to gather wealth and resources in order to, spur such an industrial boom in England. During the Industrial Revolution, Britain found natural resources such as coal, founds in the British colonies, which fueled a vast, majority of the machines. Also, people were split into different social classes, seeking opportunity. Lastly, scientific thinkers used their knowledge to lead to the formation of railroad systems. The railroads started in approximately 1807, and the Industrial Revolution was in its height between 1805 and 1820. The Industrial Revolution began is England because of the abundance of natural resources from the colonies under control of the British empire, motivation for better jobs, and an ample amount of scientific knowledge that led to technological advancements.

The abundance of natural resources led to the beginning of the the Industrial Revolution in England because these resources led to a more productive way of manufacturing and producing goods. Examples of these resources that helped to make the Industrial Revolution more efficient were coal,…

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