The Industrial Revolution During The 19th Century Essay

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The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain during the mid 18th century when the Agricultural Revolution, a revolution of new farming techniques and tools was introduced. As a result, urbanization, the growth of cities, began. However, various primary sources show how these new methods and technology affected the English in a harmful way. The Industrial Revolution was more harmful than beneficial to England in the 19th century because of the dangerous conditions children were forced to work in, the poor living conditions in the city, and forced many to go unemployed.
Children trying to provide for their families, were obligated to work in harmful conditions. These young children were promised good food to eat, money, and to be shaped into gentlemen; however, the overseers did not meet their promises. First, in order to make the most money, the overlookers, the factory owners who watched over the workers, enforced a long work hours with little breaks so that they could make the most money they could. William Cooper, a former child factory worker, explicated how within their 16 hour workday, they only had one forty minute break for lunch (Document K). The long work hours were harmful to their health, and since they only ate once in their whole work day, the children had very insufficient diets. This weakened their immune system, and made them more prone to disease. Second, the long tedious hours jeopardized the children’s safety. Robert Agnew, a neighbor of the cotton…

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