The Industrial Revolution : A New Age Of Exploitation Essay

1789 Words Nov 17th, 2015 8 Pages
In the early 19th century, the Industrial Revolution began in England to improve the living standards of people, which quickly spread to western Europe, North America, Russia and Japan. New machines, such as the steam engine and the cotton gin, and factories transformed the agricultural societies into industrial societies. With the development of new technologies, economic production increased as high-quality goods and services were produced quickly, cheaply and more efficiently. In addition to economic change, a great change in society changed as well. The new work environments, factories, moved work outside homes, sending fathers, mothers and children in different directions, affecting traditional domestic life. Industrialization inspired urbanization and migration for new economic opportunities and advancements. Though with all the new labor opportunities for everyone, the Industrial Revolution was also viewed as a new age of exploitation. Entrepreneurs who started factories in the early stages of the Industrial Revolution became very wealthy as their employees were soul-crushingly poor in comparison. The reason for the equality was because of the capitalist system they followed, where individuals controlled their own trade and businesses. Though laborers went through aggressive work in dangerous factory, business owners who did not have to do anything received more wealth. This philosophy was conspired by Karl Marx, who was a critic of capitalism. Both Adam Smith and…

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