The Individual and the Environment Paper

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Early Release Code of Ethics
Shannon Early
University of Phoenix
PHL/323 Ethic in Management
Jerry Wisdom
November 21, 2012

Early Release 1 The primary vision of Early Release Bail Bondsman Services is to set the guidelines for excellent, quality bail bondsman services and to be the organization that employs by choice not force. We aim to accommodate assistance for a wide range of people and to provide a positive character to future clients. Our daily objective is to arrange an honest, safe and fast atmosphere that assists the emotional and physical demands of a quick release for our customers. Through our affiliation with the community, we concentrate on maintaining a consistent and respectful relationship
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The language that we use to apply and express the values of our company is aspirational and brief. The language symbolizes the soul and attitude of our culture. The Code of Ethics supports our leadership that we use to interpret and implement our values and put into action the way we compete in society and interact with clients, bondholders, and each other. The Code of Ethics maintains the consistent understanding that we act ethically, honor our code, manage risk effectively, be honest and fair in communications, respect and care for each other, safeguard all information, value our community, and respect rules and regulations. A code of professional ethics draws attention on social matters. The code of business ethics provides general standards about a company’s expectations involving its privacy, mission, quality, and its environment. It outlines the correct actions to decide whether wrongdoing involving the code of ethics has taken place and, if so, what are the solutions that are to be enforced. The code of ethics connects to a code of conduct that involves the employees of the company. Business ethics comes into agreement with ethical beliefs of the owners of the company concerning its employees and centers on social matters of the company. Its Early Release 3 aim is focused on the growth of the business, mission of the

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