Essay about The Indigenous Plight Against The Civilized

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The indigenous plight against the “civilized” men is glossed over in traditional history books. In the domination and expansion of the Western settlement, the indigenous faced terrible conditions by the effects of the white men, whom in a Western fashion of conqueration eradicated the indigenous culture, and deliberately through the law committed acts of racial discrimination in the name of capitalism.
Within the 1800s, the indigenous were forced onto reservation land slowly, and to be discussed later. Many of the Tribes had to move towards the east and for the tribes, East represents death in their culture. In many ways they were correct, because the plight of the removal and relocation would lead to death directly and continue with future generations. On the reservations, under the authority of the United States government, the indigenous communities were not allowed to go elsewhere. Due to their contradictions and their attempts to leave their designated properties, Indians were attacked by marshals. There were also other significant issues with the plantation of the Native Americans on reservation land. Due to the law requiring them to reside only in one place, the indigenous communities were unable to follow the buffalo in ways they had once depended on. As settlers continued on westward the new settlers occupied the land the buffalo once grazed on, eliminating their food and making the herds smaller, in addition due to sophisticated weapons available to the settlers…

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