The Independence Of Canada 's Independence Essay

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Canada’s independence was fully granted in the twentieth century. In particular, independence was gained through the major battles and conflicts in which Canada fought. These include the battles of Vimy Ridge, the D-Day landing, and the Korean War. After confederation Canada was born, but truly they became one nation in the twentieth century. Many events occurred in the twentieth century like World War 1, World War 2 and post wars that have helped Canadians create a name for themselves.
During early 1900s, many battles occurred in World War 1 and Vimy Ridge was one of them. Vimy Ridge had a great role for the independence of Canada because it helped kindle a citizenry/nation. Additionally Vimy Ridge was a successful battle which was also the first total Canadian win. [7] “The achievements and sacrifices of our soldiers on Vimy Ridge helped forge Canada into the independent country that it is today. For that we honour them and eternally hold them in our highest esteem,” was quoted by Guy Parent, Veterans Ombudsman. [2] Another quote from Julian Fantino, Minister of Veterans Affairs; “The Battle of Vimy Ridge remains one of the most powerful moments in our military history, a victory for Canada on the world stage, though with much sacrifice. While Canadians mourn the loss of so many lives, we take pride in the valour of those who fought at Vimy Ridge in the name of peace, security, and freedom.”[2] A soldier at Vimy Ridge mentioned, “The resounding victory, the first in…

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