The Increase Of Unemployment Rates Essay

703 Words May 1st, 2015 3 Pages
This article is talking about the argument about the increase of unemployment rate in U.S. Recently, because of immigration rate rising, a lot of Native American people lost their jobs. According to the statistics, there are 58 million working-age Americans are not working. Also, due to the research, American government admitted layfully13 million immigrants and issued an additional 13 million guest-worker visas. Moreover, despite huge amount of immigrants accessing into United States, there were still a lot of people who are legalization come into U.S like breaching borders illegally. Also, the real wages level today was less than the one in 1999, and even beneath the level in 1999. The job supply is less than demand of Native Americans. Too many native unemployed Americans existed in recent years. Thus, a lot of Americans felt not happy about this situation, they thought the government should restrict the immigration policy, make less immigrants come into America. However, The Obama administration had five years to secure the border and nothing has happened. The Republicans and the Democrats, too, are doing nothing to fix the immigration problem. Therefore, Native Americans cannot understand why people who break laws should be rewarded and why the U.S. intentionally coddles these people, unlike other countries in the world. They believe that all nations should be able to select the number and qualifications of immigrants they want and need, instead of being limited to…

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