The Inclusion Of Kousuke Atari Essay

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The inclusion of Kousuke Atari was another addition to the pop music portion, aiding in the film’s popularity amongst viewers; he is an established Japanese pop singer and likely attracted a greater number of viewers who also are consumers of pop music (Wang 137 & 138). The slapstick comedy portion of the film added diversity to the emotions portrayed in the story. The majority of the comedy, slapstick theme is portrayed by characters including: Malasun, Old Mao, Mr. Representative, and Frog (Wang 146). We find Malasun typically expressing comical behavior through his actions and the way he responds or reacts to certain scenarios. He is the provider of rice wine and in one particular scene, is aiding in the intoxication of Rauma, the Rukai officer. Malasun is associated throughout the film with a sense of merriment and exuberance; these emotions can be observed based on the way other characters loudly and laughingly yell his name when he is spotted. Mr. Representative and Frog share the more physical comical relationship. When Frog makes a laughable remark or asks a moronic question Mr. Representative typically deals with it by slapping him, attempting to create simple minded humor for the audience. Old Mao is similar to Malasun in the sense that his behavior is typically associated with a humorous element, but rather than the correlation being related to exuberant behavior, his comedy is related to his age and his stubborn geriatric perspective. The humor in this character…

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