Slapstick In The Importance Of Being Ernest

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In The Importance Of Being Earnest, the play by Oscar Wilde, he brings out serious issues through humor and slapstick style of comedy. The cucumber sandwiches scene really brings out the slapstick style of the play. In the play when Jack was eating the cucumber sandwiches and his buddy was trying to get some, he said it was improper to eat the sandwiches. When his buddy asked him why it was okay for Jack to eat the sandwiches he replied with “Well she’s my aunt”. Which is actually ironic because it turns out they are brothers and she was both of their aunts.
This play kind of has a slapstick feel to it, some examples of slapstick are movies such as Spaceballs and Airplane. Slapstick means basically not making sense or things don’t add up.

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