The Imposition Of Transparently White Norms Essay

1074 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 null Page
The imposition of transparently white norms is a unique form of unconscious discrimination and exemplifies the structural aspect of white supremacy. Beyond the individual forms of racism that stereotyping, bias, and hostility represent lie the vast terrains of institutional racism, the maintenance of institutions that systematically advantage whites, and cultural racism the usually unstated assumption that white culture is superior to all others. A raised white consciousness of race would produce a very different rule in disparate impact cases. The process of reconstructing a disparate impact rule must begin, however, with a careful examination of the transparency phenomenon. Whiteness is always a salient personal characteristic, but once identified, it fades almost instantaneously from white consciousness into transparency. All of these assigned readings have been real eye openers about white counsciouness and the white racial rule etc…. previous reading have been authored by minorities, and in this piece we find that the author is White. Her insights are very thought provoking. Her point of view seems to hit a lot of points right on. Flagg tells us that we define our position on the continuum of racism by the degree of our commitment to colorblindness; the more certain we are that race is never relevant to any assessment of an individual 's abilities or achievements, the more certain we are that we have overcome racism as we conceive of it. This way of thinking about race…

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