Essay The Important Communication Tool For And Used By People

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Language use in all its forms remain to be the most important communication tool for and used by people to communicate. It helps us to reflect the daily happenings in a society, but also has various functions to strengthen as well as maintain social existence among people. From such a view, language mirrors the gendered perspectives and can also impact and contribute to changing people 's perception of gender over time. Men and women on the other hand are the main bodies in social activities. Because of the difference in gender, there arises many differences when we use language. Thus there is a narrow relationship found between the different genders and language use.
The way we use language to compare people and groups can affect the way those people and groups are viewed or rather perceived. For example, consider the sentence which follow; Police officers solve problems differently than firefighters. It posits firefighters as the “linguistic norm” (Abele, Bruckmüller & Hegarty, 2012). According to a research the above authors did, when two groups of equal status are related or compared, the evaluator may tend to assume the group positioned as the linguistic norm (in this case firefighters) has more power and higher status than the other group, whose relationship is presented as an “effect to be explained” (in this case police officers) by its relationship to the linguistic norm (Abele, Bruckmüller & Hegarty, 2012). In respect to this, consider these two sentences; Men…

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