The Importance Of Writing Skills For A Professional Setting Essay

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Sam Dillon is writing to educated people reading the New York Times using an expository style of writing to convey to those uninformed, of how severe bad professional writing has become within businesses in America. Writing is essential in the workplace because it allows a good workplace communication in many businesses. Sam Dillon uses Dr. Hogan’s, a former university professor who heads an online business writing, quote “E-mail is a party to which English teachers have not been invited,” (pg. 415) to show, using a metaphor, that English teachers are failing to teach their students how to properly construct a professional e-mail. This quote would allow his audience, who is mostly highly educated people, to think back and relate to whether or not they have experienced this in their personal education’s. This effectively allows his readers to engage to this article and keeps their attention. This works to achieve Dillon’s purpose of how writing skills for a professional setting needs to be better taught at earlier stages of education by, explaining how there’s a lacking of this valuable information being taught by English teachers to their students in these early stages of education. The fact that a former university professor who now head an online business writing is the on making this quote, establishes Dillon’s credibility to this topic by showing his audience not only that he did his research, but also that even professionals would agree to this being a major…

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