The Importance Of Writing Ebooks

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As you already know there is a wide range of online money making methods available out there. Writing eBooks and selling them online is one way to create an income stream that keeps on giving. This article explains hot to write and publish an Ebook. The huge rise in popularity of the Kindle and the iPad, and the wide availability of free eBook reader apps for smartphones has increased the demand for eBooks dramatically. You can make a significant amount of money writing eBooks and the fantastic thing about writing and selling eBooks is that once you create the eBook, it will keep earning for you!
Now you might say to yourself:
• I can’t write
• I’m no author.
• It’s too hard to write.
• It will take forever to write.
• No one will read it.
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Make the changes needed to make your book the best it can be but remember it is about having a great book NOT a perfect book. Don’t over edit!
How to Publish Your eBook
• Choose where to publish your eBook. The first step in publishing your book is choosing where to publish it! Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has the biggest self-publishing platform. It has given the opportunity to many publishers to publish their books and earn a reasonable amount of money within a short period of time. However, many authors don’t have an idea on how to publish their book on Kindle in the best possible way. This article will let you know the method to publish your book on Kindle with less hassle. There are other places where you can publish you eBook including NookPress, Smashwords, and BabyBook. You can also self-publish it yourself and create a PDF for download if you want!
• Learn the publishing platform. Each publishing platform is unique and has plenty of tutorials to get you through the process. Amazon’s KDP has an extensive collection of resources to help you.
• Publish! As already mentioned, it is different with each publisher. Just go through the steps supplied by each publisher!
How to Promote Your
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You need to let the world know about your book! Use social media for added visibility. Use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to let the world know! You can also create a blog to promote your eBook. Write blog pages for other bloggers to promote your book. Join groups related to your topic and promote your book to them, subtly. You can offer your book for free for a limited amount of time. Join Goodreads, review other books and then have your book read and reviewed! There are lots of ways to get the word out!
Ebook Writing Classes
That’s it! Sound overwhelming. Seems like it will take forever. Not True! Many people write eBooks in a few months or less and make serious profits from them! There are classes that will lead you through the process, one step at a time! WriteQuickly offers a program that guarantees you can write your eBook in 28 days or less. Udemy offers a number of courses that will help you through the process. Kindling is a membership website and author community that is dedicated teaching everything you need to know about creating, publishing and promoting you eBook on Amazon’s Kindle

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