The Importance Of Womanhood

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After taking power from Pa, Ma yet again takes that power away from Pa’s mouth. Literally speaking. After living in a government camp Pa starts to wonder if leaving would be a good idea. As he starts to share it with the family Ma jumps and says “ we’ll go in the mornin’.”(Pg. 352) Ma does not even allow Pa to finish his train of though; this demonstrates that Ma no longer cares what Pa has to say because she is now in charge. Afterwards, Pa just says, “Time was when a man said what we’d do. Seems like women is tellin’ now. Seems like it’s purty near time to go out a stick.”(Pg. 352) Even Pa has notice the change of power between genders and leadership. Ma does not really care if that hurts Pa’s feeling because she believes that once men cannot …show more content…
Ma explains her that there is no loneliness in being the family’s protector when it means being surrounded by family. Rose of Sharon has throughout the time been behind Ma like a little kid. She is learning what womanhood is along with the process of bearing a child, all through her strong mother. Rose of Sharon’s visible changes start to show by the end of the book. As she gives birth to her dead child she pulls back her despair and “the girl lays back again, and covered her eyes with her arms.”(Pg. 449) Her action is done so the men do no get to see a woman in despair. This allows woman to keep their strengths. Finally, Rose of Sharon with this action is turn into a woman who like Ma could lead her family. Her second visible change and the most meaningful to the book is when after losing her child she gives the opportunity for another human life to continue. With no child to feed she gives her breast milk to the middle age man who is dying of starvation. By doing so she fulfills her duty of being a woman by nurturing the dying men who has a child of his own. She is able to take the place of her mother and lead the family to

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