Western Nationalism Effects

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The most vital instrument of national power in the West’s interactions with the world is military might, because without the coercive efforts of their militaries none of their diplomatic polices and ideas could have effectively impacted foreign nations. Over the centuries, the one constant fact that if a nation had the desire to conquer or rule another, it needed a strong military whether that would be to coercive or protect its interests. The most ideal case of a country using its military might is no waging war, but deterring it. This occurs by finding the delicate balance of threatening nations’ security without forcing them into an arms race. Unfortunately, events show that this balance is hard to achieve, and once a nation feels too threaten …show more content…
It was a century filled with war, and each represented a shift on who was leading. Each of these wars shows the Western nations willingness to use their militaries as tools to show their might. Militarism was one of the leading causes of this war, but was a side effect of Western nationalism. At the turning of the century Germany, Britain, and many other countries the idea of nationalism was starting to take hold. Having a great sense of pride in your country, and believing that your countries interests are most important means you need to protect them. An arms race broke out between nations which lead to important treaties being signed creating alliances. Tension became so high between these nations that it appeared that everyone was just waiting for reason to go to war and show off their military might. On June 28, 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated which launch Europe into war. This was the largest war to date, and outcomes were drastic. The death toll was in millions and Europe was in ruins. America and Japan emerged as world leaders, while Europe struggled to recover. One thing was clear no one wanted another world war, and the West would do everything in its power to avoid …show more content…
This weapon was devastating that it would push the United States and the Soviet Union into an arms race that lasted several decades. Both countries would be so afraid of each other’s military capabilities that they would fight “limited wars” instead of facing off, which is definitely a good thing. The progression of military might has reached a peak so high that falling off would mean certain death for all of us.
Fortunately, the Cold War would eventually end with the collapse of the USSR, and the threat of nuclear war was averted. This war does highlights why the military, when used properly, can have the greatest impact on the world. The West used the military as an instrument throughout the past three centuries, because it is the effective at achieve change. Nations will continue to attempt diplomacy and forge economic relationships, but eventually they will all fail and it will be the military job to clean it

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