The Importance Of Weightroom Safety

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Description Douglas North wrote about how weightrooms can be a safety hazard. While we were reading about negligence I was focused on the practice and competition aspect of athletics and forgot about the weightroom. North states, “In regards to the weight room, our biggest concern is cleanliness.” I agree with him based on my experience as an athlete and a coach. Weightrooms are often unsanitary. Many times athletes fail to put away dumbbells or medicine balls which become a safety hazard. I also found it interesting that many weightroom lawsuits arise because a weightroom has too much equipment in it (“Weightroom”, 2014, p. 18). I found the Weightroom Checklist article by BFS and Suz Trusty’s article Sports Facility Liability Issues to be …show more content…
According to the NIAAA school buses should be used for transportation to competitions that are not local (“National”, 2011, p. 10). My policy would be athletes must ride the bus to the competition and return on the bus even for local events. This policy protects the school because allowing athletes to drive puts the district at risk of litigation should anything happen to the athlete. While I was in high school, a local athlete attempted to drive to a game and was killed in an accident. This situation can easily be avoided by requiring all athletes to ride the bus. School districts should have a waiver in place where parents can take their children home from an event in special situations. This waiver should be in writing and should be turned into the athletic director at least 24 hours before the competition (“Athletic”, n.d.). School buses are extremely safe (“School”, n.d.). My district will follow best practice and use school buses to safely transport the …show more content…
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