Essay On School Psychology

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Introduction As a graduate student embarking on this journey in school psychology in hopes to become an active professional that can aid in the advancement of the field, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of information readily available via the internet. However, how can one sort through what is relevant, useful, helpful and most importantly accurate information that is not misleading to you and to others? Although there is a plethora amount of information and resources to choose from that are beneficial to graduates and professionals in the field of school psychology, I was able to narrow down my search to websites that I believe can assist me in my personal and professional development. These websites include Intervention Central, …show more content…
However, we have to distinguish whether or not the information provided will be helpful and useful academically or professionally. The common theme that I’ve noticed throughout the various sites was their mission to improve the quality of health and wellness in individuals in a variety of context. These sites offer not only resources for understanding and personal and professional growth but also a chance to take action through advocacy work so that your voice can be heard. These sites are beneficial to graduate student by providing assistance and access to articles, research and evidence-based practices that can further enhance learning in various courses. It will also provide up-to-date information that is needed for every stage of school psychology. These websites offer additional knowledge to the basic understanding of special education, learning disabilities, importance of advocacy and most importantly the roles and obligations of being a school psychologists. They are tools in your toolbox that you can access resources quicker to address the diverse needs of the students and schools in a culturally competent

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