The Importance Of Water Issues In Edward Abbey's 'Desert Solitaire'

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Essay1: Water Issue
Water is the massive problem that has been occurring for a long time. Even if the federal government, local government, and water organizations, have helped to create many projected in order to solve the problem, it seems the demand of water in the west is still increasing annually. If we all consider the root of water issue in the west, there are several significant reasons that could be explained why we are still facing such a problem. Back to late 1800-1900 century, when the west began to develop in every dimension of societies, such as, economy, cities, industrial society, people also moved to the bigger cities rather living in small cities. The size of city becomes bigger and bigger. Any development brought the changes
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The book was written by Edward Abbey as the environmentalist. Overall, after I was done from reading the book, many areas of the book support new perspective that I always look to the nature. Abbey spent six month season for a ranger in the Arches National Park, Moab, Utah. This activity is the one I would honestly say that I cannot do that. I don’t mean I am not love nature or any natural creatures, but six month in the desert area, so dry, hot, no enough food, it is really difficult to me to stay for a long time. I appreciated Abbey so much. How could he do that? How could he survive without any supply? In the book, there are so many characters, for example, the author, his colleagues, and tourists. From the discussion in class, some people said that the characters in the book have just the names I mention above. In my opinion, every natural creature could be the characters for Abbey’s view because he gets connected to the nature. It is kind of relaxing from the societies. He looks the importance for every creature. This idea attracts me to deeply get involved to his writing. I also love nature and would like to protect nature. Just protect, but not live with them. The book is really fascinating and amazing that Abbey learned the names of all animals, and trees, and other creatures. I cannot do that. It is so hard to remember every single name in the nature. He loves all nature, learned plants, animals, and the behaviors of natural creatures. I like his idea about the development of National Parks would destroy the wilderness. I think if the national park is developed as the natural monument, it becomes the public place that everybody can visit. I don’t mean the tourists are the dangerous people for the nature. Some activities they do without permission. We cannot stop them. To preserve the national park is better for the environment. Another different perspective for him is the idea of anthropomorphism. He said he

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