Millennials Refuse To Vote Essay

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One push of a button is all that it takes to cast a vote. The act of voting is such a menial task, yet we (the Millennial generation) continue to neglect the election polls. The question remains, why do Millennials refuse to vote? Perhaps the answer lies in the notion that voting is an ineffective method to solve political issues. An overwhelming majority of us would argue that there are alternative forms of political action that exist which are more effective than voting. Some of these other supposedly more effective political actions include speaking to a politician directly, organizing protests, and creating petitions to submit to an official. As a result of this mindset, we have greatly undermined the value of voting which at its core, is the democratic foundation of our Constitutional Republic state. Although it is a widely held belief among the …show more content…
For example, it is a misconception to say that the popular vote in high stakes elections such as the Presidential elections is meaningless. The Constitution mandates that the Electoral College selects a candidate to become President, but the citizens also have a say in the matter. During a Presidential election, the votes made by each states’ congressional districts almost always reflect the consensus made by the public in the popular vote. Omar Alnatour, a millennial himself and student writer for the Huffington Post simplifies this misunderstanding by stating that, “the fact of the matter is this: your vote matters a lot. Yes, it’s true that the Electoral College elects the president, but never forget that it is us, the American people, that decide who the Electoral College MUST support” (Alnatour). Based on the findings of this article, it can be determined that we not only have an immense amount of voting power in the local and state levels, but on a federal level as

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