The Importance Of Vocabulary Learning Strategies

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Teachers and students have come to learn that in order for an individual to use a second language successfully, acquiring of adequate vocabularies is essential. Theorists also suggest that good language learners have a variety of learning strategies to help them learn a language, and involve in successful communications. Students also gain the ability of completing texts when writing or speaking. In the learning of EFL, vocabulary helps in improvement of all language skills like listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In the past, researchers focused on teaching process, but in the recent years, researchers have shifted their focus to the learning process. The reason for the shift resulted from the discontent with traditional methods. In …show more content…
On basis of this idea, it is crucial for teachers or other persons who wish to work with the students in future to have knowledge of the basics of vocabulary learning strategies and the ways of adopting these strategies by the students. Therefore, the focus of this study is to test which vocabulary learning strategies is of importance to the students to help teachers or other people involved with the students to plan practical instructions to support the competence of the students in matters related to English language …show more content…
It involves many processes like form recognition, memorizing its definition as it is in the dictionary, and using it in communication and writing, correctly and appropriately. Many students at this level think that reading a word once makes it familiar to them. However, they end up forgetting after few hours.
Why is there a growth in concern regarding the success of vocabulary learning so deciding? However, many people pay little or no attention to Vocabulary learning strategies used by Saudi intermediate level English learners. Examining various strategies used in learning, it will be very much essential to not only the Saudi students, but also other students who face similar difficulties in language mastering. A qualitative study conducted in early years intended to understand VLS and their connection to variables of English learners is that of Wen and 50 Johnson (1997). They came to find out that Chinese students majoring in English employ in most occasions metacognitive and psycholinguistic strategies. Likewise, Gu & Johnson (1996) wanted to determine the VLS applied by Chinese university learners of English and a tie between VLS and English learning result. They concluded that students in Chinese universities apply variety of metacognitive vocabulary

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