The Importance Of Vocabulary In Education

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Register to read the introduction… The size of vocabulary is an important standard to evaluate a learner’s English level. Without adequate vocabulary knowledge, a second language learner’s conversational fluency and reading comprehension will meet difficulties. Vocabulary is the foundation of a language. In language learning and teaching, vocabulary has always been a neglect and weak point. Therefore, the advances of computer-assisted language learning in educational applications have offered a new resource of authentic language input for language classrooms. The rapid growth of multimedia computers as learning tools brings new possibilities to the design of Second Language learning activities. Information presented in audio, video, graphic, animated, and verbal formats can be integrated to create an authentic, vivid, attractive, and multi-sensory language …show more content…
Because of students’ inadequate knowledge of vocabulary, many have difficulties comprehending language input. Images can assist viewers to reject or confirm their previous hypothesis about a word, and they have additional opportunities to interact with the text. “A commonplace principle of human learning is visual memory. We remember images better than words; hence we remember words better if it they are associated with images.” Multimedia annotations (images and text) benefit students more than single-medium glosses. Therefore, to assist students on vocabulary learning, designers of multimedia courseware would be well advised to provide learners access to associated images of target …show more content…
Fourth Principle: Instructors Should Keep Up with Current Methodology and Make Best Use of Visuals and Multimedia A fourth principle I would like to propose is for CALL instructors / developers. Thus, given what we currently know about the reading process and the various aids that help increase vocabulary acquisition, it is important that computer-based instruction designed to teach vocabulary and / or reading skills, is based on the current knowledge and methodological principles about how to best teach them. Moreover, good CALL programs should make best use of visual elements and multimedia glossing, as well as generate students' participation. The programs should be interactive, allowing the students to make choices. Also, they should consist of a wide range of different types of exercises in which students not only choose the right answers but also type in answers.
7. Educational Implications
Second language learners need to know a large percentage of the words in order to understand target language input. Studies had showed direct evidence in favor of explicit vocabulary instruction. Systematic vocabulary instruction may result in better acquisition than simply having students read or learn words from context. Besides, reading advances vocabulary knowledge, and vocabulary knowledge enhances reading development. With multimedia programs or software as a learning tool, students are more able to broaden their vocabulary size to improve their reading

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