Essay About Vietnamese Culture

Culture is an important factor that my parents hold highly of and felt that my siblings and I should learn every aspect of it. Growing up, my siblings and I attended Vietnamese classes where we learned how to read and write Vietnamese. Vietnamese is not that hard to learn because the letters are similar to those in the English language, but the difficulties was in the accent marks on the words. A wrong pronunciation of the word meant another word. For example, the Vietnamese word for dad is ba, but the word for an older person is bà. The wrong pronunciation could be disrespectful towards the person you are referencing too.
Vietnamese was my first language because it was easier to communicate with my parents and grandma, who took care of us
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I never understood why my parents would get so upset whenever I did poorly on my assignments. Upon entering junior high, I stopped attending Vietnamese classes and started to speak less Vietnamese. I did not understand why I had to learn the learn Vietnamese because everyone around spoke and understood English, therefore, why should I waste my time learning something that was not necessary. One day, my parents told me that they did everything they can so that my siblings and I could receive an education and learn more about our identity. My parents wanted us to learn more about our culture and where we came from. To have an ability where we are able to communicate with our relatives and friends. My parents made us attend classes so that we could receive a better future than them and give us the opportunity to learn Vietnamese and English so that it would give us an advantage in our future.
Culture is important because it is a part of your identity- a piece of you that makes you unique from every other individual. As a means of communicating values, beliefs, and customs, it has an important social function and fosters feelings of group and solidarity. Learning Vietnamese helped me embrace my heritage and culture. I gained an appreciation for those classes I attended because I am able to preserve the Vietnamese culture and share with more generations to

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