The Importance Of Vacation To Greece

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Let’s take a vacation to Greece! With a heterogeneous landscape, impeccable history, and an overall adventurous atmosphere, Greece is a travel destination suit for everyone. Personally, it is an aspiration of mine to visit. Ever since my parents traveled to the country for their honeymoon, I have heard nothing but happy and exciting stories recapping that trip. Not to mention that I see beautiful glimpses of Greece every day since many landscape pictures decorate our walls. These positive influences helped me decide to take a trip Greece. After spending hours, days, and weeks on research and planning, I have crafted the perfect trip! I will spend four days, from June 18th to 22nd, in the country, plus a few days for travel accommodation. …show more content…
The highest peak is Mt. Olympus at 9573 ft (“Geography”). My parents actually hiked some of this mountain, not all the way up of course. These steep heights exist because Greece sits atop of a fault line, however; this means that some of the mountains are actually volcanoes: Santorini, Nisyros, Methana, and Milos are examples. While not many of these volcanoes are active today, in the past the lava dispersed by them have formed many caves and canyons. Natives and tourists alike enjoy viewing these landforms since they are some of nature's art. I am very excited to see them for …show more content…
Of its’ citizens, 98% identify as being in the same ethnic and religious group (Hitton). Compared to life in the United States, where people come from all over the world and immerse themselves in unique faiths, Greece is bound to offer a different perspective on culture.
Food is a staple in Greek society. Their diet of olives, fish, squid, feta, chickpeas, and lots of fruits and vegetables are thought bring good health and help them live long lives. According to National Geographic, “Olive trees have been cultivated in Greece for over 6,000 years. Every village has its own olive groves” (“Greece Country”). The devotion that Greeks have towards nutrients shows their exclusive ideals. I am excited to try traditional cuisine from Greece because it is obvious that they put effort into this aspect of living.
Greek culture is centered around family as well. Households typically contain multiple generations of family members. Due to this, many children continue to live with their parents as married adults (“Greece Country”). This way, families have strong relationships with one

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