William Blake's Auguries Of Innocence

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“A truth that’s told with bad intent beat all lies you can invent,”_ William Blake, Auguries if Innocence. People use logical reasoning every day without knows they are using logic. We use logic to help us reason with others and to get a better understanding of what going on in our daily lives. Logic is the science of how people separate a good argument from a bad one with the use of critical thinking and deductive reasoning. Logic permits us to decide if an argument has correct or poor reasoning. This is necessary if a claimant need to convince someone the validity of his or her argument and force someone to agree whether or not the claim is true or false.
To begin with understanding logic one must first know what science is to get any value out of knowing what logic is or is not. The definition of science is the knowledge or the study of the natural world based on
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Like with the shapes and colors to identify the stop sign and sun each has a purpose. The sun radiates heat and the stop sign lets a person know that they are coming to an intersection where vehicle cross and will need to stop to prevent some kind of collision. Now both objects can be argued that they have more than one purpose this is where logic can be applied. A person can argue different points based on what he or she already knows and what they have gained through research.
Furthermore, people want to argue to make a point knowing if an argument is good or not requires critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills. Critical thinking for the most part is being able to openly process information. Deductive reasoning is when we know the premises to true so it is impossible for the conclusion to be false ("Deductive & Inductive Arguments: What 's the Difference?," n.d.). Here is an example of deductive reasoning:
1. All living things require energy to

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