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Often when historical events are recanted in modern times, fiction is inspired by truth. Without perceiving these historical upsets with a caring eye, the history represented may be confused for reality. Although there are portions that are relevant to ancient history, it does not make it historically accurate. The cinematic production of Ridley Scott’s, Gladiator, conflicts the history of Ancient Rome with misconceptions of character, personage, and events, that would be grasped as truth with a closer look. The inaccuracies in the character of Commodus, the improper representation of gladiators, and the misconception of what occurred within the arena all serve to prove the movie inaccurate.
Commodus is portrayed in the film as a man who cowers
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A normal day would begin with Venationes, where one beast is forced against another beast or a bestiarius in order to prove mens strength against savage beasts. Lunch time would consist of executions of criminals; in which the people took great entertainment out of the torture. The afternoon is when the main event would occur, the gladiatorial games. In the movie Gladiator, the order of events conflicts with history and the morning events never occur. The character of Maximus is also represented as a honourable general, and it would be shamed by the crowd for him to be a bestiarius and battle animals. In the film, there were numerous Gladiators slaughtered within the ring. This would not have occurred in Roman history as Gladiators rarely died due to the power they held in battle and strength they represented for their city. Wealthy citizens and the state would put a lot of resources into the Gladiators and want to use them to their greatest honour before they die. When taken as whole, the representation of the Flavian Amphitheater and other Gladiatorial rings within the movie is fallacious according to accounts of

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