The Importance Of Tribal People In India

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Tamilnadu is one of the major tribal population states in India and tribal people are the symbolic of tradition, culture and Indicators of many historical segments of State. Generally the respect on Elderly in tribal society is very common and obey the orders of elderly is the system followed in majority of tribal societies. These situations changing from last two decades with drastic changes in lifestyle of Indian society, increasing the human needs, Advance of science and technology. Many factors affecting the tribal society systems as like the urban and rural. Tribal people also migrating to urban for livelihood support by leaving their elderly people in tribal communities and Joint family system also disappearing slowly in tribal
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The tribal’s are predominantly rural (11.3 percent), poorest social group and also overwhelmingly illiterate. In Tamil Nadu, the tribal population accounted for 19.8 per cent of total population of the state and 54.0 percent of tribals are rural (census of India 2011). The Tamil Nadu tribes attracted the world scholars with their unique culture and heritage. Mostly the tribal people of Tamil Nadu staying in Hilly areas and dependent on forest livelihood activities and agriculture labour works. Compared to the general population, the Tribal people live longer life with their systematic and traditional food habits so that the old age population is little high in these …show more content…
But the programmes and policies are not reaching the tribal population elderly since there is no research studies on tribal elderly situations who are the most vulnerable groups in the society. The present study is to understand the health status of Tribal elderly of Tamil Nadu a case study of kollihills of Namakkal district with the following

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