Diversity In Multiculturalism In India

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India is a large country that is filled with diversity in Multiculturalism. With that said, this paper will take a closer look into India 's origin, as well as India 's culture including their traditions, values, norms and how it plays a part in their overall health. India has the world 's second largest population, behind China, with 1.1 billion residents (Culturegrams, 2010, pg 70). It is located in Southern Asia and borders Pakistan, China and Nepal. India is known for having only three basic seasons; hot (March to May), rainy (June to October) and cool (November to February). The coldest days rarely go over below 40 f (4 c) and the hottest summer days can reach up to above 100 f ( 40 c). There are eighteen languages in India that are officially recognized however 30% of the population speaks Hindu (Cite) . In regards with language of government, business, education and national communication; English is the common language spoken. The country …show more content…
The first approach taken is holistic, which is the spiritual aspect of a person 's health. Ayurveda is a common part of this holistic approach, which is that an illness has a biological, psychological and spiritual element to each. Within this approach it is vital to maintain a balance throughout all three elements. Along with Ayurvedic tradition, prayer, meditation, oral and personal hygiene, dietary needs and fasting are also an important element of holistic practice. The concept of purity is an important aspect in a person 's life as it involves taking care of one 's physical self. The second common approach in India 's health care are medical remedies, which are similar to the Western culture in medicine and vaccines. The third common approach are using home remedies. Home remedies may include using common household ingredients such as lemon, or black pepper and can be found in an Indian grocery

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