The Importance Of Transportation In Hamilton

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Almost all of us have experienced it — slowly driving bumper-to-bumper in downtown Hamilton while seemingly going nowhere, as you drive over pothole after pothole, simultaneously wondering how roads terrible these broken old roads are for your car, and why would you ever put yourself through this. And now onto the next problem: where on earth are you going to park! It is true, that current transportation in Hamilton makes it extremely difficult to get around the city, especially in the downtown area. Furthermore, the roads we do have are extremely rundown and in need of repair. This can be seen through CAA’s ‘worst roads’ campaign, as Burlington Street East ranks as the sixth worst road in all of Ontario. It is clear that the city
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This spot is located at the corner of ‘James St. S. & King St. E.’ which is right in front of Gore Park, parallel to the large glass CIBC building, adjacent to Lloyd D. Jackson Square, and is a four minute walk from City Hall. In summary, this first stop connects arguably the busiest section of all Hamilton to the LRT. To begin, station #1 will be comprised of a large 10ft long x 5ft wide x 8ft wide outdoor shelter as well as a crosswalk bordering system. The boarding system will signal the waiting passengers with an installed crosswalk light and signal the cars on the road with existing intersection lights. After, the passengers are to use the newly painted crosswalk to board the LRT. The LRT boarding system will be integrated to all intersection which contain a station and will allow for smooth traffic flow. Here is a picture taken at the location of the first station during the field work done by the group …show more content…
The location of the first station was chosen for the two reasons that it is found in the center of the Downtown core and that it is physically the furthest South placement able to be made before significant problems were to arise due to the train tracks of the Hamilton GO Station. In addition, the general location of the station is also associated with the major HSR MacNab Bus Terminal which would deliver more passengers and aid in diversifying and connecting pre-existing transportation

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