Cigarette Smoking Should Be Banned Essay

Sugar-Coated Bullet “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.” Because of its catchy jingle, the slogan was one of the most well known campaigns of tobacco advertising. In the 1950s, people had not realized the harm of tobacco, and the slogan was ubiquitous in America. As a result, more and more people were attracted to smoke and consume tobacco product. Finally, in 1964, a report about smoking revealed that “cigarette smoking was a cause of lung cancer” (reports). The cruel fact caused a large “impact on public attitude and policy” (Space). Gradually, tobacco advertising was controlled by the government because of the harm to health. Until 1997, tobacco advertising had been banned in 46 states in America. However, the banning is not strict and all-sided enough to prohibit all kinds of tobacco promotion in every corner, so the tobacco companies are still always trying to capitalizing on the lack of oversight. Therefore, the banning of tobacco advertising should be implemented more strictly because of tobacco’s damage, the …show more content…
In consideration of the damage of tobacco use, government bans tobacco advertising to prevent it. Actually, smoking can be avoided, and the banning on promotion “is one of the most effective ways to reduce tobacco consumption” (ban). A common misunderstanding is that the tobacco advertisement cannot be attractive enough to make audience try smoking. Contrarily, “one third of” young smokers first try smoking because of the “exposure to tobacco advertising” (ban). Since advertising can be so powerful for readers, the banning on advertising can also be powerful to prevent tobacco use. Though the prohibition is not imposed strictly enough right now, it has been useful. The tobacco consumption has reduced “7%” in “countries that have already introduced bans” (ban). On the basis of the respectable result of banning, it can be predicted that a better banning will contribute to a more positive

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