The Importance Of The Women's Right To Choose

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All of the government rulings have caused controversy due to their deliberation. The continued argument in today’s world is the women’s right to choose. The women’s right to choose is considered a fundamental right guaranteed through the right to privacy. Since the very foundation of the United States Constitution, there has been much influence of common law which does not speak much if not reinstated in writing through the constitution. The Women’s Right to Choose, is constantly under attack and only under clearer ruling from the Supreme Court, will there be an understanding that will ultimately allow Women in the nation to freely execute their right to choose. The Women’s Right to Choose is the choice that women should have to their right …show more content…
As mentioned by Pew Research Center in the beginning of time the United States government has adopted the British common law that permitted abortions before the quickening, which is when fetal movement can be perceived ("A History of Key Abortion," 2013). In continuation of that nearly all states passed laws that make abortions illegal with few exceptions in cases of rape, incest, and physical or mental health risks to women. These milestones paved way to land mark case in 1973 Roe v. Wade; which the Supreme Court ruled that the right to privacy is protected in the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The woman’s right to choose to terminate a pregnancy is a fundamental right. The fundamental right that continues to have loose definitions and interpretations for the states to follow. Roe v. Wade legalized abortion overturning all state abortion bans, it clearly allowed any women to choose for whatever reason to terminate a pregnancy. The only exception in which the states had ground to fight and interfere is when the fetus could reach viability, with means that the fetus can live outside the womb, even then the states must allow abortions when necessary to save a woman’s life or to protect her health which extends to the physical and mental …show more content…
As of now the Hobby Lobby chain allows for vasectomies and Viagra to be covered for male employees, the stores claim is that Catholic leaders support their decision that male health is important for procreation and Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs are of great help to carry out God’s will. In cases as such it is unjust that male employees can have the right to sterilize their reproductive organs and female employees cannot. In arguments Hobby Lobby claims that the female employee’s long-term contraceptives cost more and in research it is no more than male sterilization, not considering if the procedure if reversed it is covered by the male health plan (“Hobby Lobby Still Covers Vasectomies and Viagra”,

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