The Importance Of The United States Constitution

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Clinging our research on ("United States Constitution") the constitution is described as the supreme law of United States of America that came to power in 1789.Containing seven major articles which make up the whole constitution, the first three wholly revolves around division of powers. Major issues like distinction of powers are discussed in the first three articles hence makes up the federal government. Articles four, five and six edge out towards defining the rights and responsibilities of state governments and the citizens as a whole. Since the establishment of the constitution, minor and major changes have been made twenty seven times. Amendments in one way or another act as a way forward pertaining issues that affect the United States. Amendment involves processes like defining and implementing new laws or making changes by editing existing laws. Our research will hence involve an overview of the law amendments and their impact on the United States as a whole.

Growth of privacy
Despite the numerous numbers of amendments in the constitution, growth of privacy rights tends to carry more weight than the rest. As per ("Right Of Privacy Facts, Information, Pictures | Encyclopedia.Com Articles About Right Of Privacy") privacy right involves people making their own decisions about their well-being without the
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It limits powers of the government and private sectors. Personal data should be private since the more the information people have about a person, the more its gets easier to exploit and take control over the individual. Furthermore, personal data influences our decision making processes an reputation too hence if in the wrong hands can cause harm. Besides limiting power, privacy also influences to respect for individuals. Disrespecting a person’s wishes in the individual considers as private can cause conflict. This causes harm on the individual of which such a matter can be arraigned in the court of

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