The Importance Of The Tiny House Movement

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One of the basic needs in today’s world for the common people or the working class, is to attain a home/house of their desire, within their hard earned & honest money. This movement, the Tiny House Movement (THM), enables its desirers or users to attain their goals within their budget. There are a variety of houses nowadays, such as:
1. The average house in the United States (US) is 2150sq. ft.
2. A downsized house is around 1100sq. ft.
3. A “large” small house is 750 sq. ft.
4. An efficiency house is 500 sq. ft.
5. A little house is 400 sq. ft.
6. A tiny house is 300 sq. ft.
7. A compact house is 200 sq. ft.
8. A micro house is 150 sq. ft.

In general, the average cost (per person) of living per year is the below mentioned respective countries
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The cost of building a decent & simple cob house in around $(3,000-4,000). The basic idea of building this kind of house is that we can target those people amongst the local market who are willing to live a simple & natural but high standard living (within their budget). In nowadays world, the cost of building a house of size (146 sq. ft.) is around $821.92 (per sr. ft.).

3. The cost of a Vardo Tiny House can be divided under two sub-categories:
a. Short-Vardo Tiny House: It is a 10-ft. utility trailer with a withstanding capability of around 5,000Ibs at its single axel (approx. 2267.962). Whereas, the interior square footage is about
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Long-Vardo Tiny House: It is a 12-ft. utility trailer with a withstanding capability of around 3,500lbs or 5,000Ibs at its dual axel. The interior space is around 88 sq. foot.

4. The cost of building a Recreational Vehicle (RV) is about:
a. $10,000 for adventurers (let’s say weekend trip with family)
b. $(20,00-35,000) for medium range RVs.
 Similarly, the price can vary from a few thousands up to a million thousand or more.

5. The cost of building a Trailer home in accordance to the research done in the year 2017 is about $(37,100-73,600). The size of a Single-wide trailer home is around 90x18 (ft.), whereas, the size of a double-wide is approx. 90x20 (ft.). In general, there are about 38,000 trailer homes/parks in United States (US).
6. The basic/standard size of a Container is:
a. 160 sq. ft. (20x8x8 ft.)
b. 3320 sq. ft. (40x8x8 ft.)
i. The cost of a used 20-footer is around $(1,400-2,800) & for 40-footer its about $(3,500-4,500). Excluding labor cost. The cost of labor is around $(50-150) per hour. Hence, per square foot cost for 20-footer becomes $(70-140). Whereas, for 40-footer, the per sq. ft. cost becomes $(87.5-112.5).

7. There are a variety of house boats in the form of tiny

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