Pearl Harbor Propaganda Essay

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"A gigantic fleet has amassed in Pearl Harbor. This fleet will be utterly crushed with one blow at the very beginning of hostilities. Heaven will bear witness to the righteousness of our struggle"
–November 1941 Imperial Japanese Navy Rear-Admiral Ito
The Japanese during World War Two believed that they were a divine race meant to rule over the rest of the world as shown by the quote from Admiral Ito, stating that Japan believed that there war was a righteous struggle and that the heavens would witness that there war was righteous. During World War Two Japans goal was to conquer all of the pacific because that was there holy mission, the only thing stopping them was America and the countries that were resisting Japans rule. The Japanese fought
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An example of this is that "the population was "educated" by means of concerted propaganda campaigns." The Japanese citizens were being taught by propaganda so they didn’t truly know what was going on and were only told information that would make them support Japan. "Propaganda was directed at increasing nationalism and racial pride as well as creating the perception that Japan was being menaced by the ABCD (America, Britain, China, Dutch) League." This quote proves that the Japanese citizens were being influenced by propaganda which twisted there perception of America and the rest of the ABCD league. Japans propaganda that was meant for their citizens promoted racial pride as the previous quote stated but that racial pride moved to racial superiority. Japan began to conquer more countries and that began to reinforce their idea that they were superior to all other races and countries, a sentence from The Thought War says "Their feeling of achievement and entitlement ran deeper than commonly assumed, if we observe how the victories over China in 1895 and Russia in 1905 reinforced a psychology of superiority" this sentence refers to Japan and how their achievements in battle reinforced there idea that they were superior to everyone. Another quote from The Thought War states "Racist arrogance rendered it difficult for Japanese to sympathize or even empathize with the very …show more content…
The following example shows that the Japanese believed that the Americans would enslave them if they won the war “you win the war and you make all Japanese like black slaves!"(Unbroken). Contrary to what the Japanese propaganda’s message was, anyone the Japanese “united with” were under the Japanese complete control and were not free. As this quote shows “The Japanese decided to pursue their goals through war in large measure because of their belief in "shido minozuku"--divine leading race.” The Japanese believed they were the divine race showing that they thought that they were above everyone else even those they were supposed to be allies with such as other Asian countries. The Japanese did not all of a sudden just believe they were a divine race, they believed that because the sun rose over there island first every day that there land was the land of the gods. Their idea that there land was the gods land lead to the idea that they were the divine race meant to conquer all other people. This idea lead to the thinking that they were superior to every other race and that lead to the binary of Japan vs

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