The Importance Of The Making Of Life

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When someone get told they have cancer and they might die, people can get emotional and unable to make a decision that is best for them. What is cancer? The American cancer society also known as ACS made a statement that said “Cancer can start any place in the body. It starts when cells grow out of control and crowd out normal cells. This makes it hard for the body to work the way it should”. Patients should have to do chemo if the doctor tells them to without the choice to say no because of the right to live, the family emotion, and how the cancer can affect the making of choices.

The right to live is most important thing in this world. When they are told that they have cancer, one should not have the right to say no to chemo, because chemo can save your life. Life is the only thing in this world that is a miracle everyday. Why? The making of life and how it got here is unable to explain and unimaginable that it is a miracle and that it happens everyday. Life should not be choice. Patients should have to fight to live because of this miracle. Most people when told they have cancer choose to fight it because they
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For example, a mother with a husband and two kids, is diagnosed with cancer. Not only, will she be upset, but so will her family, because that means that they might loss their mother or wife. A recent national study has showed that “out of 1,200 people 69 percent of those, their family will be more upset than them”. In other words, that studied shows that more than half of people with cancer, their family is more upset about it then they will be. The most important thing to most people is their family, because they help and they can get one through almost anything. That is why when someone is diagnosed with cancer, the doctor should be able to say they have to do it. For one reason out of many. Their family can get them through it and their family needs them

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