Essay on The Importance Of The Language For English Language

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Multilingualism varieties
Social interaction is a process that mainly involves communication and virtually all human communication requires more or less the use of language. Bolaño, S. (1982). Introducción a la teoría y práctica de la sociolingüística. México, DF. Ed: Trillas.
In this research paper i will show the importance of the language, for example English idiom as a part of how the language can open barriers, so I search on internet the benefits of English nowadays, I found some interesting research like Diana-Petruţa MAHU, Prof., Transport Technical College, Piatra Neamţ, Romania, says that “the English language has been the common language of the world for decades. It is now impossible to find a country where learning English has not become a norm. While there are some people who would like to stick with their native language and who would prefer not to learn English, the benefits of learning and mastering English goes beyond the four corners of one’s own country. English is the most spoken language around the world. 1 out 5 persons understands it. It is estimated that there is are 380 million native speakers and 300 million that utilize English as a second language and an additional 100 million who use it as a foreign language.” So like she says, many people who talks English have an opportunity to work in anything because in many places is an alternative to have as a second language for example in Mexico in all over country people spends in learn English,…

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