The Importance Of The International Refugee Crisis

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Many men, women, and children throughout the world are living everyday in immense fear of not knowing if they will live to see the next day. These people are being forced to leave their homes due to the fear of being persecuted for reasons of war, or due to being discriminated against because of their race, nationality, or religion. Millions of people have died in recent years, unable to seek the help that they are in desperate need of. Many of these people are being tortured by their own countries rulers. In Syria, the dictator Bashar Assad has even tortured children and has gassed his own people.

In 2015 alone, statistics show that for every minute, 24 people are forced to leave their home. The numbers have grown largely in recent years due to the numbers of wars growing throughout the world. For many years, people have been able to ignore the international refugee crisis, but since the number of people being forced to leave their homes is growing to a great extent, we can no longer afford to ignore this horrific crisis.

Even when refugees are able to seek refuge in other countries, many of these countries do not give them the freedoms that they deserve as human beings. For example, when countries allow refugees into their countries, even if they are educated, they do not
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But we must also consider what our moral obligations are for the people throughout the world despite all of these political factors. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights created in 1948 by the United Nations, describes what rights all human beings are entitled to despite their race, colour, sex, language, religion, political views, property, birth, or other status. In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it states that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in spirit of

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