The Importance Of The IP Camera

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3 IP Camera

3.1 Background:
Before going into the detail of the IP camera first of all i want to explain the difference between the analogue and IP camera and advantages of the IP over the analogue camera.
As in the earlier chapter we explain in detail that what is the importance of the electronic camera in the surveillance with the help of camera we can monitor the any area or location remotely and examine the environment. With the evolution of CCTV the industries has moved from simple monitoring system to the intelligent system that is capable of the detection of the abnormal activities. Before discussing the IP camera versus analog. The important thing is that how these
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IP camera has infrared light for the night time surveillance. Each IP camera has specific purpose and are classified in term of weather they are designed for indoor and outdoor use. An outdoor camera requires an external housing protection while the internal. In our project we use the outdoor camera. The indoor and outdoor cameras are further divided into fixed , dome ,covert , PTZ and thermal network cameras.It is important to know about different types of IP cameras.
3.7.1 Centralized IP Cameras:
Centralized IP cameras are network security cameras in which there is central video recorded to which all cameras link to handle the recording.Central storage ensures the security footage remain safe even if the camera is damaged. In centralized you will be required generally camera, external storage , PC , lenses, network , it require central server for the management and requires per camera NVR license. Fig.1 shows the centralized cameras.

3.7.2 Decentralized IP cameras
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On the other hand wireless IP cameras connect to the network via WIFI , wireless cameras are better than wired cameras they are easy to install , reliable and easy to connect.

3.7.4 Fixed vs PTZ cameras:
Fixed cameras are that type of cameras that are fixed inn position and installed in fixed direction.therefore they have fixed direction and angle of view. A fixed cameras have different lenses that enhance its functionality. On the other hand PTZ IP camera has the ability of pan , tilt , zoom either manually or automatically. The PTZ camera can rotate at any angle in any direction. Fig.3 shows the fixed IP camera and PTZ camera.

3.7.5 Day and night IP cameras:
This type of IP camera is used to provide day time surveillance , during the day it has normal functioning like IP cameras and produces color images and videos. While during night the infrared lights are use to see the objects in darkness and produces black and white images. 3.7.6 Megapixel IP camera

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